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Configuring AOL-Dialup Connections

Airport Base Station Admin Utility - Internet Tab

If you are a AOL subscriber you can dial up to the AOL network with your ABS. Initially, select either of the "modem:" settings. The modem setting depends on the local flavor of AOL and the modems they use. The V.90 modem standard is newer and usually preferable. However, if the ABS has trouble making a reliable connection, try using the slower (but more reliable) V.34 standard.

Note: In order to connect to the Internet via AOL you first have to enable the ABS to make its connection to AOL. Then, you have to configure the AOL application on every computer that you want to connect to AOL to use Airport instead of the modem to make the AOL connection. See this Apple KB article for how to do this.

Thus, a direct connection to the internet does not seem to be possible - from my experience one seems to be confined to the AOL intranet only. Furthermore, every computer that wants to make a connection to AOL has to have a separate AOL account. No sharing of the connection is possible! All in all, a very frustrating way to connect to the internet!

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